Modern bidets are beneficial to families in many ways from saving money to helping to live a healthier lifestyle.  Newer model bidets (like the ones from SmartBidet) are adaptable to any toilet—no extra plumbing and no extra space are needed.  You can simply remove your toilet seat and easily DIY install your new bidet onto your current toilet.

SmartBidet offers modern bidets that are sleek, adjustable and fit directly onto your toilet.  These easy-to-install bidets come with multi-functional capacities such as heated seats, temperature control, self-cleaning mode, multi-wash options, drying and deodorizing options.  With the ease of owning and using a bidet, we wanted to share another new model from SmartBidet called

The SB-110 Electronic Bidet has an attached control panel that offers newly designed and upgraded functionality to ensure hygiene, comfort and convenience for all users. Some of its new features are its slim design and an increase in weight capacity 440 lbs.


Extensive features include posterior wash, feminine wash, turbo wash, oscillating wash, warm air dryer, adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water, heated water and seat, safety on/off sensor, quick-release seat for easy cleaning, self-cleaning nozzle and more.   Three unique elements of the SB-110 are the child wash button, air dryer and stainless steel nozzle with a replaceable nozzle cap.

This unit's a cleaning device that is accommodated for children. Recommended for children 5+ years old, when pressing the CHILD button, the SB-110 bidet will automatically run a rear wash for 30 seconds then the air dryer for 1 minute.  The CHILD button function adjusts the nozzle position and dryer temperature for a child’s size.  The SB-110 is a helpful accompaniment when teaching children safe and healthy bathroom etiquette.

The automatic self-cleaning nozzle will automatically clean itself before and after using the various washes, i.e. Feminine, Turbo, Posterior, etc.  The stainless steel nozzle with a replaceable nozzle cap is a new feature as well.  Also, pressing the ENERGY SAVER button, will ensure to automatically maintain a water and seat temperature of 89.6 degrees.  This SB-110 function will help to reduce costs and be eco-friendly.  Variety of cleaning modes, including feminine wash, posterior wash and oscillating wash (massages and gives a thorough cleanse).


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