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The bidet is a personal hygiene tool commonly seen in Asia and Europe. It’s essentially a mini “shower” for your most personal areas. Bidet usage helps cut down on paper waste. People with hemorrhoids, bowel disease, and post-childbirth conditions find them particularly soothing. Furthermore, a quick rinse with a bidet on a busy morning may be all you need to face the day – no need to waste water on a full shower. Many Americans are unfamiliar with bidets, and as such, it can be especially confusing to buy one. Unlike Japan, where just about every home has a bidet/toilet combo unit, it’s far more common in the U.S. to find bidet seats that attach to your existing toilet. But how do you know which type is best? It’s not a topic that’s often discussed, after all, and there are quite a few different types available. That’s where we come in. The research staff at BestReviews delved deep into the bidet product space, learning all that we could about these hygienic bathroom additions and talking to owners of bidets. We combined our information to create the product matrix above and the bidet shopping guide below. If you’re ready to purchase a bidet, please see the five bidet products we recommend in the chart above. For more general information about bidets, read on.

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